Tonya and Kimmi on the pier at Bora Bora

John & Tonya on Bora Bora

The infamous bathroom at Bloody Marys

Another self portrait on Bora Bora

More proof that not every photo can be used as blackmail!

Phillipe w/ Suzette.

Suzanne with Pat

Fred and Sherri cutting a rug. Fred new nickname should be Fred Astaire. He was the putting all others to shame on the dancefloor.

Suzanne w/ the Captain.

Suzanne, the Captain and June (Ngaire's sister)

Ken & Ngaire on the dancefloor.

Brian (Ngaire's brother) with the Gauguins.

Lynette enjoys watching everyone make fools of themselves. Not sure what John's doing in the background.

June (Ngaire's sister) finds the pole after a brief lesson from Suzette.

John (Mr. Kimmi), Tonya and June strike a pose.

The John's with their favorite Roulette dealer, Gertrude.

Tonya and Sheri enjoying La Pallete


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