This is one of the Tender Captains enjoying a little down time riding the wake of the tender back to the ship

More wonderful views of Moorea.

The big gag exchange party. I'm not sure what Tonya is holding in her hand. I'm not sure I want to know!

Brian was called up to the stage with all the Gauguins for a final farewell song. I think it was one of the highlights of his cruise.

Brian surprised us all when he actually knew all the words and sang along to the song!!

The final dinner. They made the mistake of giving us the Captain's table. Thank God the Captain was not there.

Our wine steward for most of the dinners was the very patient Patrick from Germany. Here Suzanne is trying to feed him some Grand Marnier Souffle.

Here's a little blackmail for Patrick's wife!! Does anyone still have his email??

Tonya and Sheri with Chef "Hottie". I'm not sure what his real name was, but that's what the gals called him.

The final group photo as we closed down the dining room for the last night.

We thought it would be cheaper to take digital photos of the Radisson pictures. We soon found out that this practice is frowned upon!

The John's at the Roulette table before Marc come over and hit about 10 numbers in a row. They ran out of his color chips before they chased us out!

Tonya and Kimmi

Sheri and John.

Philippe with John & Tonya. Philippe had just finished seranading the group with some fine French tunes at the piano bar.

Tonya, Kim, John, and Mike (mailman)

The John's w/ Kimmi & Suzette

The final photo without the secret password!!! :-)

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